Effective Administration Coordination

Where you will get BIG Company solutions to your Administration frustrations at affordable rates.

What do we Offer?

AdminJunky offers Specialised Support Management tools to streamline and coordinate your business activities and functions.

Financial Management

Financial Management

To make informed decisions on when and where to grow a business can only be done with accurate financial information at hand. Quality advice and guidance is available through a qualified support structure. A qualified Accounting Structure forms this foundation. AdminJunky offers a Professional Accounting service. Make that contact now. Our affiliates are of high caliber. To send an email click on the picture.

Bookkeeping Services

Bookkeeping Services

No company can run successfully without a proper bookkeeping program. We offer a bookkeeping service for companies, capturing daily transactions on quality bookkeeping programs.
We assist to set up such programs. We are a proud reseller for SAGE Accounting products. For more information on this services send us an e-mail by clicking on the picture.

Soft Skills Training

Soft Skills Training

We offer soft skills training to you the business owner and your staff. These skills are: SAGE Bookkeeping training and Excel Basic, Intermediatory and Advanced program. Training can either be done at your premises or at our Academy. For more information send an email by clicking on the picture.

Our Portfolio

Successful companies understand the value of a sound support structures. At AdminJunky, we strive to help you to lay this good foundation.

What people say

Here are some thoughts from very well known business people.

How strong is your business foundation? Successful business owners always build on a strong foundation which is built on solid ground. This solid ground is your business principles. By making sure that these principles are strong, your business will stand through difficult times and even prosper beyond your wildest expectations. Build Strong.

Connection is Everything

The energy that flows from human connection is our most powerful and valuable resource in life and business. Here are 3 effects of Connection: TRUST SAFETY BELONGING